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Hawthorne Criminal Lawyers

January 22, 2019 Uncategorized

Your choice of a defense attorney when dealing with criminal charges in Hawthorne is going to matter. You need to choose lawyers who have experience and a record of positive results defending clients against criminal charges. Farar and Lewis can help. Choosing Farar and Lewis can benefit your criminal defense in several ways.

Get Help Building a Good Legal Defense

You must present a salient and complete defense when faced with criminal charges in Hawthorne. If you do not have extensive criminal justice experience, then you are going to need help assembling this defense. The attorneys are Farar and Lewis can help you build a good legal defense based on your narrative and your charges. They will take the time to go out and hunt down witnesses, videos or evidence that support your story. They can form alternate theories that show you could not be the only person who committed the crime. The lawyers will make certain to frame your version of events within a legal context that helps to combat what the prosecution is saying. Choosing Farar and Lewis will allow you to present a solid legal defense that could increase your chances of an acquittal or reduced charges.

Benefit From an Experienced Law Firm

You will benefit from calling Farar and Lewis because the law firm is very experienced. Some of the main attorneys have been defending clients in criminal trials for over 30 years. There is a combined 70 years of experience between all members of the team. One member of the team was a district attorney for many years. Experience is very important when you are looking for Hawthorne criminal lawyers. Inexperienced lawyers could make mistakes, settle for excessively high sentences or miss details that could lead to dropped charges. The experienced professionals at Farar and Lewis have knowledge of the area, the local laws and the people in the criminal justice system. They know how to present a case so that the narrative is persuasive to a judge or jury. Your defense will benefit from the experience of the law firm.

Defend Against Legal Maneuvers

Prosecutors or other parties could attempt any number of legal maneuvers before and during a criminal trial. These tactics are designed to scare you, intimidate your lawyer or even delay that case. You want to hire the criminal defense lawyers at Farar and Lewis because they can make it easy to defend against these maneuvers. They will be able to tell which tactics have merit and which are mostly frivolous. They will not be intimidated by prosecution tactics designed to force an unfavorable plea. You need the help of a firm like Farar and Lewis in order to protect your rights and to make certain that you receive a fair trial despite any prosecution tactics.

Receive the Attention and Support You Need

It is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed when facing criminal charges in Hawthorne. Most people do not know the different processes within the criminal justice system. Similarly, most people are unfamiliar with the legal terms and paperwork that accompanies criminal charges. Working with an inexperienced, overworked or uncaring lawyer can make everything much more frustrating. The Hawthorne criminal lawyers at Farar and Lewis will give you the attention and support that you need. They will treat you with respect throughout the entire process. They will make sure that you know what is happening with your case at all times. They will communicate clearly and concisely. You will never be ignored or disregarded. This attention and support can make a major difference when you are assisting in your own defense.

Potentially Avoid a Criminal Trial

Although you are entitled to a trial when charged with criminal offenses, a trial is not always necessary. There are times when it is beneficial to negotiate with prosecutors in order to arrive at an amicable resolution to the case. You need the experienced lawyers at Farar and Lewis in order to negotiate effectively. The attorneys will know the weak points in the case and potentially the previous deals the prosecutor has made. An attorney could be able to have the charges dismissed or reduced. They could come to an agreement that does not include jail time. The effective Hawthorne lawyers at Farar and Lewis could allow you to avoid a criminal trial.



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~ David Bruce

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~ Rowlin Garcia

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~ Francis Anim

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