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Compton DUI Lawyers

A Compton DUI conviction is a permanent stain on your record that can cause you grief on many levels. If someone has charged you with a DUI offense, it is imperative that you schedule a meeting with an attorney who has experience in such cases. Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a heavy offense in Compton because of the risk to other drivers and their passengers. The courts view most DUI defendants as neglectful individuals. Therefore, the penalties for such convictions are harsh. If you receive a conviction for DUI in Compton, you may be facing the following consequences:

Jail Time

California issues a minimum of four days in jail for a first time DUI conviction. The maximum jail time for such an offense is six months. Subsequent offenses have much longer jail terms. Any time spent in jail can cause you to lose things that are most important to you such as your family and your job. One of our experienced Compton DUI lawyers can use a number of strategies to protect you from a conviction.

Heavy Fines

DUI charges do not just affect your time; they affect your finances, as well. A first offense DUI charge in the state of California can end with you paying a $1,000 fine. You may have to pay surcharges and license reinstatement fees. Additionally, you will be responsible for any court costs that the state issues you. A small investment in a criminal defense attorney can save you thousands in the end.

License Suspension

If you are convicted of DUI in California, you will most certainly lose your driver’s license. A first time DUI conviction can leave you without a license for as long as 10 months. The shortest license suspension that you can receive for a first offense is 30 days. You will be at the mercy of other people and the public transportation system for all of your daily needs. Getting to work will become a difficult task if you currently have a job. Finding an employer to hire you without a license can prove to be a tough challenge, as well.

Bad Reputation

Your reputation with family members, friends, employers and potential employers could suffer if you receive a conviction for DUI. You will have a stain on your permanent criminal record that will cause prospective employers and property owners to shy away from doing business with you. The people in your neighborhood may think less of you, and your family may lose some of its trust in you. Farar & Lewis can stop bad things from happening to you.

Defense Strategies

An experienced attorney can use several strategies to protect you. One strategy is the due process strategy. A judge may dismiss your case if your arresting officer failed to notify you of your Miranda Rights, or if he or she failed to complete a part of due process. An attorney can clear you if the arresting officer cannot prove that you were driving the vehicle, as well. Furthermore, you someone must prove your intoxication for you to receive a DUI conviction. Therefore, the prosecution must present viable evidence of such.

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