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  • Assault

    Faced 7 Years in Prison: Dismissed

  • Securities Fraud

    Faced 5 Years in Prison: Dismissed

  • DUI Charges

    Faced 2 Years in Prison: Dismissed

  • USDA Fraud

    Faced $100,000 fine: Dismissed

Case Results

Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Claremont Criminal Lawyers

Criminal cases can be difficult to win when you’re representing yourself. So many people assume that they will make their own great attorney, and then they find that they are having issues winning their case or having their penalties reduced so that they are not so extravagant. Hiring a professional law firm to help you win your case is going to benefit you tremendously if you are currently living in California. Anyone dealing with a criminal case in Claremont, CA will make good use of the Farar and Lewis law firm.

More About the Farar and Lewis Law Firm

The professionals at the Farar and Lewis law firm will help you to get penalties reduced and cases possibly turned when you make use of their expertise. These lawyers have years worth of experience working specifically in criminal law. They have also been in a wide range of California courts, so they are able to speak with those who are there to help your case go as smoothly as possible. Having experts there to help you out is going to allow you to feel much more confident in terms of standing in front of the judge for the first time.

The Farar and Lewis law firm is able to represent anyone living in the Los Angeles area, so you will want to contact them if you are facing a criminal case yourself or know someone who is. You can then set up a consultation with them either in person or over the phone to better discuss your case and its possible outcome. The attorneys will be able to help you file any paperwork necessary without you worrying that you are doing something wrong or are missing something.

How the Farar and Lewis Law Firm Helps People of Claremont

You might now be wondering why you should consider hiring an attorney to represent your case in the court system. Too many people attempt to represent themselves, but they are missing the experience and expertise that is needed for a good case outcome. The Farar and Lewis law firm is specific to criminal law, and this simply means that they will be able to assist you in any type of criminal law case that you are now facing. They are also going to help you file any and all paperwork necessary in the court system, and this alone will allow a better outcome when you’re having your case heard by the judge.

The attorneys of the Claremont Farar and Lewis law firm will also be there for you when you have concerns and questions. If you’ve never dealt with this type of case before, you are probably very nervous and apprehensive of what to expect. You probably have dozens of questions swimming around in your mind on what you’ll need to do and what the possible outcome could be. Your attorney is going to be the one who answers all of these questions for you and essentially prepares you for what could be to come in your life.

Whether you have a large or small criminal case, the professionals of the Farar and Lewis law firm are there to assist you throughout the entire process. They will take on both large and small cases to ensure that the residents of Claremont, CA are happy with their knowledge and understanding of the court system. Going to court is a frustrating, confusing and scary prospect, but it can be made a little easier when you know you have a professional attorney by your side every step of the way.

First and foremost, you’ll want to contact the Farar and Lewis law firm to make an appointment to meet or speak with one of the lawyers. They will ask you a variety of questions about your case and when you’re set to go to court. They will then begin to fill out any paperwork necessary and let you know what they can do for you if you choose to use them for your upcoming case. Having a professional attorney by your side is going to make the entire criminal case go by a lot more smoothly than if you were representing yourself.

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