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Chad Lewin

There is no question that the skill and reputation of your attorney influences how the prosecution will treat you and your case. Therefore, it is a fortunate defendant that has Chad Lewin standing beside him or her in a criminal courtroom.

Chad is among the elite in the legal community. With experience in Federal and State courts, he is as comfortable in the courtroom as he is in his own skin. Chad’s credentials include a National Championship in Debate and a law degree from one of the nation’s top law schools – UCLA. One client who was facing 19 years in prison was found NOT GUILTY by the jury in under two hours and summed up how grateful he was for having Chad as his attorney:

“I don’t know what to say, you saved my life. We made it. We came a long way, didn’t we? When this thing started you were looking for direct evidence to vindicate me. Well guess what? God gave you a harder challenge. You were incredible throughout the trial and excellent in your closing argument. Alan Dershowitz himself should be jealous of your closing argument, not in terms of what you said, but the way you delivered, a talented performance, amazing.”

I will use every defense strategy possible, and utilize all of my resources to protect you or your loved one’s future. That is my personal guarantee to you. Call me directly to discuss your case for free.

Trained Under The Best In The Profession

While at UCLA and as a young lawyer, Chad studied under the most skilled and knowledgeable lawyers in the business. He was a certified law clerk for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, handling hundreds of cases from the prosecution’s standpoint. This entitled him to have an inside view into how the prosecution thinks and prepares their cases, so he is a step ahead with his defense. Chad then worked for one of California’s biggest criminal defense law firms. Chad has handled thousands of cases. In the year 2000, Chad opened up his own law firm and has been saving client’s from jail and convictions ever since.

Winning Cases for His Clients

Acquittals come with talent, skill and complex trial experience. This sums up what Chad Lewin is all about. Over the years he has tried numerous cases ranging from the smallest misdemeanors to complex felonies.

When Mr. Lewin agrees to take on a case, he gives it his all. Perhaps that is why his clients tell us that they admire his fighting spirit. His goal, in every case, is the complete dismissal of all charges. He may achieve this result through negotiation, written argument or jury trial.

Mr. Lewin says that many dismissals come because of his keen knowledge of pretrial motions that lead to winning cases on legal technicalities.

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