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Can I be Forced to Submit to a Blood Alcohol Test when I have Refused a Breath Test?

Can I be Forced to Submit to a Blood Alcohol Test when I have Refused a Breath Test?

Drinking Under the Influence (DIU) is a criminal law. This law is against drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug that can toxify the driver. This law protects the citizens from consequences of drunk drivers. The law is enacted through police checks on the roads. The police officers check if a driver is under the influence of alcohol through chemical examinations and alcohol blows. The police checks are located at various intervals to aid safety on the roads. There are various questions that arise from this law. This article will review some of the frequently asked questions concerning DIU to inform and educate people accordingly.

What happens when a driver gets to a police check?
Drivers are supposed to obey the orders that are issued by a police officer when they get to a police check. This is because they determine what happens next. Police officers ask drivers who seem to be driving under the influence to stop. It is impossible for the police officer to ask someone for a checkup if they are driving in a law abiding manner. Drivers are advised to park their car and wait for the next order from the police officer. The driver undergoes a simple test of blowing an alcohol blow immediately a police officer orders them to park. Police officers do this to test the sobriety of the driver. A chemical test of their urine or blood may also be done in order to determine this. This enables the police officers to clarify their suspicion regarding the driver’s state.

What happens when a driver does not support corporate?
A driver may face extreme consequences if he or she chooses to avoid the police officers. The law has become strict in order to keep off the drivers who are drunk on the roads. Refusing to take a chemical or a breathalyzer test when asked to do so by the police can cost a driver his or her license and some years in jail. This depends on their state of origin. Driving is considered a privilege. The law takes it seriously upon the citizens. The police check points for drunk-driving are unique and different from other check points. This makes it easy for the police to keep track and easily tell those who are drinking under the influence of alcohol. The police speculations are usually accurate in most cases. This is because they have been trained and know when a person is drunk.

It is important to note that this law has been taken seriously in various states. This has led to the implied consent on all drivers. Drivers have no choice other than to agree to the tests that are issued by the police officers. The police officers do various tests to the driver. This depends on the quantity of alcohol content that the driver seems to have taken while driving. Drivers should take it upon themselves to avoid getting caught with such offense because it is as serious as it sounds. Some states have put severe consequences in place for people who refuse to take tests. They suspend a driver’s license depending on the number of times that they have driven under the influence. The first time has simple consequences. A person faces the consequences with ease. The second and third times are severe. People are forced to be keen and avoid drinking under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.

Is it safe to resist taking tests issued by a police officer?
It is not safe to resist taking the tests at the police checks when ordered by the officers. This is because the checks are taken seriously by the government. They are used as proof. They are there to promote sobriety on the roads. Avoiding them has severe consequences and can cost someone more than what they are willing to pay for drunk driving. The government has issued non-refusal laws in some states. This means that the driver’s intention to avoid the test is inaccessible once they drive on public roads because it is not an option. This makes it easy for the police officers to check on people and ensure that drunk drivers face the consequences as required by the law.

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