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Can an Attorney get my Los Angeles Hit and Run Charge Dismissed?

A Hit and Run charge in Los Angeles does not necessarily mean that one has been found guilty. There are three elements of a Hit and Run case that should be met before the case finds the individual guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Before conviction, the court must establish that; there is property damage or physical injury if another person was involved, the driver did not leave his contact details behind to be later contacted about the accident, and the driver fled the scene. Most people assume that if they were not the ones at fault, they could not be charged with a Hit and Run, however, this is not the case in Los Angeles.

Contacting a Hit and Run Attorney immediately after arrest is crucial. Most people try to handle the situation by explaining themselves to officers; however, this is not a good idea as the individual may end up making statements that may worsen the case. Hit and Run lawyers are knowledgeable, have experience dealing with the police departments, and can thus handle the situation better. The advantages of hiring a Hit and Run Attorney is that they protect the client from admission of guilt by speaking on the client’s behalf, the attorney knows how to respond to the questions and which questions to object to. These lawyers are also familiar with the prosecutors and officers, and thus it is easier for them to access police reports and information about the case.

Many of the times the individual flees the accident scene to avoid being charged with a driving under intoxication case (DUI). A Hit and Run and a DUI case are separately charged, and thus if charged with both, the individual may be forced to appear before the court twice, and if found guilty the person receives two sentences. This is a grave situation as the individual may be charged with two felonies depending on the extent of damage caused. As such, it is crucial for the individual to hire a Los Angeles attorney with experience on how to handle both Hit and Runs and DUI cases. Consulting with an attorney with knowledge and experience in handling both cases allows for the development of an overall strategic approach that will ensure that both charges are dismissed or reduced in the least.

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney who has handled thousands of Hit and Run as well as DUI cases can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the case and assist the client to come up with the possible defences and arguments. There are several potential ways that may result in the dismissal of Hit and Run charge. However, these approaches require an in-depth understanding of the legal system, well-organized arguments and sharp negotiation skills. This is why it is crucial for the charged with a Hit and Run to seek the services of a Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney.

The first method that can be used to ensure the dismissal of the Hit and Run case is by preventing the charge from being filed. This may be achieved through a Civil Compromise. The attorney may negotiate with the injured party and request them to give them an estimate of the damages and expenses, which the client will reimburse. This civil compromise is presented to the prosecutor together with the police report. This provides a base for the attorney to persuade the prosecutor not to file charges since all the damages have been remedied. Through this process, the prosecutor may be persuaded not to take the case to court.

A Los Angeles DUI attorney is able to provide the client with a realistic idea of the potential case outcomes and their consequences. Convictions may have fatal implications for an individual’s career, education or even financial institutions as such; it is vital to take adequate legal measures to prevent being convicted. An experienced attorney that has been practising in Los Angeles for over thirty years is not only conversant with the legal process but also familiar with the Judge’s, clerks, prosecutors, and courtrooms. Los Angeles DUI attorneys know the judges and understand their preferences for arguments and rules pertaining to evidence.

They understand that some judges provide harsh penalties for first time DUI cases while others are more lenient. This knowledge is essential for the attorneys to argue their case strategically. For instance, if the first appearance; arraignment; is before a judge with no tolerance for DUI cases, an experienced lawyer with knowledge of this would plead not guilty, and the case is transferred to another court room under a different judge who is lenient to the client’s case.

It is in the interest for a client to hire a Los Angeles DUI defence law attorney to represent them in their Hit and Run case as these lawyers are highly experienced and are familiar with all the prosecutors, judges and even clerks in Los Angeles. As such, hiring a Los Angeles DUI lawyer affords the clients peace of mind and gives their case the highest odd of their Hit and Run case being dismissed.

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