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Calabasas Criminal Lawyers

If you have been accused of a crime and face prosecution in the jurisdiction of Calabasas, CA, we at Farrar Criminal Defense are ready to supply you with expert and tireless criminal defense representation. Our law firm serves the greater Los Angeles area including Calabasas to the west on U.S. Highway 101. Our team of lawyers have many decades of experience at defending people just like you. We even have a former district attorney on our staff. We are well equipped to assist every client in need of a good advocate in the court room.

Why Do I need a Defense Lawyer? And Why Should I Choose Farrar?

A defense attorney is a virtual necessity to help defendants know and protect their rights and obtain a fair trial in our modern, complicated legal system. After years of specialized training in law school and decades of real world experience, we at Farrar
Criminal Defense have amassed a wealth of legal knowledge that makes navigating state and federal laws and typical practices of judges and of prosecuting attorneys almost second nature to us. We always check and double check everything of importance to our clients, but yet our experience has paid off and given us a “legal instinct” that helps us to fight for each defendant. We know how to build a strong case in the courtroom and to find the holes in our opponent’s case. We investigate, research, strategize, and analyze every detail of a case’s evidence and legal precedents. We put our expertise to work for you. Our policy is always to build strong relationships with each client, letting them know that we are the law firm they can trust to fight long, hard, and smart for their interests from beginning to end.

What Kinds of Criminal Cases Does Farrar Handle?

No matter what kind of crime your are charged with, rest assured that in the many decades of our multi-faceted careers, we the criminal defense lawyers of Farrar have seen a case similar to yours. We appreciate the fact that each case is somewhat different and must be approached with a learner’s attitude and some creativity. Yet, as to the law, all crimes are categorized and assigned specific sentences. We have seen cases involving charges of domestic violence, sex-related and violent crimes, drug possession and sales, DUI, burglary, robbery, embezzlement, fraud, and murder. Every client, as every defendant, is innocent until proven guilty, and we fight to prove you innocent, or to reduce charges or sentences in a negotiated plea.

What Kinds of Activities Will Farrar Lawyers Engage in to Defend Me?

We will explore every avenue of defense and probe each nook and cranny of the prosecution’s case. First we will ensure that your Constitutional rights were not violated in the process of evidence collection by police or detectives, that you have been informed of your rights and of the nature of the charges against you, and that all other aspects of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth amendments, which concern the rights of the accused, have been strictly adhered to. Next we will seek out witnesses in your favor, cross-examine witnesses who testify against you, identify and review all laws pertinent to your case, and build and implement the very best strategy for your defense. We will make motions to dismiss inadmissible evidence and overrule inappropriate moves made by the prosecutor. If necessary, we can negotiate with the prosecutor for a plea deal, or file for an appeal, but only with your consent.

In sum, we at Farrar Criminal Defense are prepared to bring to the aid of Calabasas and Los Angeles area residents intelligently and vigorously fought criminal defense services.
These services are important to ensure you are treated as retaining all the rights of a citizen throughout the legal process, not losing equal protection of the laws on the assumption of guilt. No life, liberty, or property can be taken from you without due process of law under the U. S. Constitution. Politicians swear an oath to uphold that Constitution that they often, unfortunately, seem to break, but we at Farrar will not break our pledge of commitment to it or to you our clients. Call us today at 800.615.6595 for a free consultation or visit us online at for more information.

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