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Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Binge Drinking May Lead To Your Arrest

The connection between drinking and driving and an arrest for DUI are issues that continue to plague society because of the danger posed by such actions. Within this concern is the subset of binge drinking, which is simply the consumption of excess amounts of alcohol within approximately a two-hour span.

The Scope of the Problem

A more concrete example of what constitutes a binge drinker is someone who has four of five drinks in a brief span, with the danger for women being on the lower end of those amounts. One shocking estimate by the Center for Disease Control found that at least four times a month, over 38 million drink in this manner.

Even more stark numbers show that such binges go far beyond the four or five as defined. In reality, the number is usually eight or more, which is why research has found that better than 50 percent of all the alcohol that Americans drink is consumed during the course of binge drinking.

Misguided Perceptions

When it comes to binge drinking, the image of an alcoholic might not resonate as clearly as someone who drinks much more frequently. Yet the same characteristics exist for each individual, with the prospect of deadly consequences for either that person or someone else a distinct possibility.

The idea that binge drinking only occurs among individuals in certain demographic or income brackets is a false notion that’s dispelled by basic facts. In truth, this problem can be found in both young adults and the elderly, while both high and low-income individuals also fall prey to this issue.

Heightened Dangers

For anyone who makes the ill-advised decision to drive after binge drinking, the likelihood of a DUI becomes much stronger. That’s because the legal limit for your blood alcohol content (BAC) in most jurisdictions is 0.08, which is surpassed in the vast majority of binge drinking episodes.

Imbibing so much alcohol is such a short period of time ends up compromising an individual’s normal reactions, slowing them down at a time that they’re needed behind the wheel. These problems can also include a developing a heightened sense of risk or being unable to gauge proper distances, whether that’s between a vehicle or individual.

Potential Serious Consequences

That dangerous lack of self-control can lead to situations that permanently affect that individual, their loved ones and anyone who may become the victim from such actions. At a minimum, the possibility of costly legal proceedings and a fine could be in the offing, with differing levels of potential jail time also in the picture. In the latter instance, the circumstances involving a DUI connected to binge drinking will factor into the final decision.

A DUI conviction that stems from this form of excess drinking can lead to chaos for an individual, with a possible suspension of driving privileges or restrictions put in place. Also, mandated alcohol classes or the need to perform community service may end up being part of the final sentence.

While the latter instances are obviously more preferable than going to jail, any DUI conviction can lead to steep increases in premiums or outright cancellation of a person’s auto insurance. Without such protection, an individual effectively loses the right to drive, unless they want to risk more trouble for driving without insurance.

The Need for Effective Representation

Whether an arrest for DUI is the result of binge drinking or other issue, the person facing such a charge is in need of an experienced attorney that’s dealt with such matters in the past. They know the usual course of action for cases of this type, which allows them to more astutely gauge the potential end result.

In addition, they can work on their client’s behalf to look for alternatives, if possible, to the imposition of a jail sentence upon conviction. In some cases, they may be able to present evidence that avoids a conviction altogether.

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