Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Posted By max soni, Uncategorized On October 29, 2017

Bicycle accidents are becoming more common today, due to heavy traffic and distracted drivers. According to the Center For Disease Control or CDC, more than 400,000 people visit the emergency room every year for injuries related to bicycle accidents. Below is an overview of personal injury law and how it may help you obtain a settlement for your injuries. If you were hurt in a Los Angeles bicycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney for advice.

Types Of Injuries

Bicycle accidents can produce a wide variety of injuries that can range from mild to debilitating. Some of the most common bicycle accident injuries are:

  • Head Injuries

Head injuries often lead to brain damage, especially if the bicyclist is not wearing a helmet. However, bicyclists who are hit at a high rate of speed can sustain brain injuries even while wearing a helmet.

  • Broken Bones

Bicycle accidents often lead to broken arms, legs, ankles, wrists and elbows. It is not uncommon for accident victims to suffer multiple broken bones after an accident. This often leads to months of recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, which can change an accident victim’s life completely.

  • Facial Injuries

Falling from the height of a bicycle often leads to facial fractures, broken collarbones, and neck injuries. Many bicyclists suffer lacerations that often require stitches to close, as well.

Factors In Bicycle Injuries

The severity of injuries bicyclists receive depend on several factors such as:

  • The Speed The Vehicle Was Traveling At The Time Of Impact
  • The Type Of Impact That Occurred
  • Whether Or Not The Bicyclist Is Wearing A Helmet Or Other Protective Gear
  • The Condition Of The Road Where The Accident Occurred

Statute Of Limitations

Each state has a certain period of time in which you can file a lawsuit for a personal injury. In Los Angeles injured parties have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Failing to file your case in court within that time frame will most likely result in your case being thrown out of court.

Proving Negligence

In most personal injury cases, you must prove you were injured due to the negligence of another person. This means that if you are hit while riding your bicycle, the driver must have been reckless or acting unreasonably. Some examples of negligent behavior are driving under the influence, ignoring traffic signals and speeding.


You may be able to obtain a settlement for damages after a bicycle accident by filing a lawsuit. Some things you may be compensated for are:

  • Ambulance Transport Fees
  • Hospital Bills
  • Doctor Visits
  • Cost Of Medical Devices Such As Crutches Or Wheelchairs
  • Lost Income
  • Pain And Suffering
  • Emotional Distress

If you are disabled due to the accident, you may also be able to obtain compensation for future lost wages. This type of settlement is designed to replace income you would have been able to make over the course of your career if you had not been disabled from the accident. Because it is important to calculate your expenses and lost wages correctly, it is essential to have an experienced attorney handle your case.

What A personal injury lawyer Can Do For You

If you have been hurt due to another person’s negligence, it may benefit you to speak with an attorney for advice. Choosing an experienced personal injury attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. An attorney can help you by:

  • Obtaining Police Reports
  • Speaking With Medical Experts
  • Negotiating With The At Fault Party’s Insurance Company
  • Hiring Investigators To Help Prove Your Case
  • Calculating Lost Wages And Expenses
  • Filing Court Documents
  • Representing You At Trial

Insurance companies typically offer the lowest settlements to injured people who are not represented by a lawyer. They know you may have lost time from work and have mounting medical bills, all of which may make it tempting to agree to a settlement quickly. However, you may be able to receive a higher settlement by hiring an attorney. You can count on the insurance company having experienced representation during the course of your case. It is important for you to have quality representation from experienced bicycle accident lawyers, as well.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles, contact a personal injury lawyer for advice. During a consultation, your lawyer will review the facts surrounding your case and let you know if you have a valid claim and should move forward with a lawsuit. Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer on your side is a good way to reduce the stress and uncertainty that are a part of every personal injury case. That way you can concentrate on healing from your injuries and moving on with your life. A fair settlement for your injuries may also give you the financial resources you need to move ahead, as well. Personal injury cases can be confusing and difficult to navigate, but having an experienced personal injury lawyer can help make the entire process much easier to deal with.