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Benefits of trade show displays

Trade shows are one of the best ways to get your product or services in front of interested, prospective buyers. And while a lot goes into planning and attending a trade show – scheduling flights, making sure you have the right collateral and one-sheeters to hand out, ensuring your team is trained in how to speak about your product or service, to name a few – one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of attending a trade show is creating or purchasing a custom display.

Did getting a display for your upcoming trade show slip your mind? Perhaps you’re looking to see why it might be a good time to update your trade show display? Whatever the reason, here are a few benefits of purchasing or building a custom trade show display:

Set yourself apart from the competition
Trade shows are an opportunity for dozens of companies to gather in one place, sharing their products, services, and experience with interested prospects. So while there may be many companies offering complementary services at the trade show you’re planning to attend, there will likely be many competitors as well. Creating a trade show display that is well designed, organized, and colorful can draw prospects to your booth and give you the opportunity to talk to interested people about your company.

Product or service explanation
With so many vendors to see, trade show attendees may make their selection of who or who not to talk to off of what can be seen from their trade show display. Including key company differentiators, or a few short and sweet lines about your product or service can attract individuals to your booth, and can also share information about what you do.

Social media engagement
Social media is such a big part of marketing for businesses of all sizes, and many trade shows use platforms like Twitter or Facebook to promote events. If you have a catchy trade show display, one that is funny or interactive, attendees may be interested in taking photos of your display and sharing them online, even if they’re not interested in purchasing your product or service. It’s a great way to engage customers in conversations online, sharing more about

Brand awareness
A great trade show display will mimic the style and design of your product, application, and / or website. If you compliment these aspects of a display with a well placed and easily readable logo of your company, you’ll be able to increase brand awareness. You never know, someone might see your display, like it, and remember your company name should it come up in conversations in the future.

The final benefit isn’t customer-centric. It’s actually about you and your business. Having to take the time to think about what you might want to write or display on a trade show display helps you hone in your messaging (ensuring it’s concise and resonates with the target audience), while also helps kickstart your creativity. Your need for a trade show display could evolve into an idea for a new campaign to fill your sales funnel and pipeline. Purchasing a trade show booth might only be one small piece of being an exhibitor at a trade show, but it’s definitely a valuable one.

So, if you were debating getting a trade show display for an upcoming event, make the investment! While it’s an upfront cost now, the benefits can continue paying rewards for months or years to come. Plus, you can always take your trade show display to the next event, building brand awareness among your target audience and showing that you are an integral company in the space (by attending multiple, well known industry trade shows). What are you waiting for? Start planning the content and imagery for your next trade show display now!

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