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Bell Gardens Criminal Lawyers

Bell Gardens, California is a predominantly Latino community in Los Angeles County with a population of approximately 42,000 residents, but exists on only 2.5 square miles of land. This means that the community has a very dense population, which also means that police must focus on continual patrols in the city district. It also means that people can often be arrested for merely being associated with certain suspects, regardless of criminal involvement. Being charged with a crime can impact a defendant’s life as much as a conviction in some cases, and having an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney is important.

Farar & Lewis LLP is a team of former district attorneys that now practices criminal defense law in the Los Angeles County area, including representation in Bell Gardens. They are the supreme criminal defense team of Los Angeles and always aggressively represent their clients, especially when assuring that all client legal rights are observed by the court. Whether requesting a case dismissal or indicating that a case is going to trial, having a legal professional representing your case who is a former DA can provide excellent bargaining leverage. Many times individuals are charged on borderline evidence, and the Farar team has the expertise to evaluate charges by the rules of evidence. They understand well that the prosecution is not entitled to a conviction.

Farar & Lewis LLP is also experienced in handling a wide variety of criminal charges, including DUI, all types of drug charges, and violent crimes. DUI charges can be as problematic as drug charges in many instances, and often charges will include both elements. Retaining an experienced and noted attorney can make a big difference in drug charge reduction or DUI prosecution level. Multiple impaired driving convictions can complicate these charges because all states use a graduated scale for charging DUI offenders. Many times a plea arrangement for one charge can include dismissal of another.

Farar & Lewis LLP also pratice law in the area of probation and parole violations, and can often successfully convince the court that revocation is not necessary when a probationer or parolee is not a threat to the community. In a small densely-populated community such as Bell Gardens, opportunities for the court to revoke a probation order can occur easily and unnecessarily when various crimes are occurring in close proximity. Farar & Lewis understand that living with a criminal conviction record can be difficult and many individuals are making strides to change their lives.

Juveniles can also find themselves in trouble quickly in areas where police scrutiny is intense, and Farar & Lewis understand how adolescents can get a bad start in life stemming from charges that happen while they are young. Many people think that juvenile criminal records are sealed automatically, but that is not necessarily the case. Expungement for a juvenile record is always available unless it involves an adult prosecution, but the defendant still needs an experienced attorney who understands the expunging process to motion the court for sealing. Adults who are arrested on weak charges and receive a dismissal can also have the charges expunged, but the court must qualify all expunged charged. This also takes a solid criminal defense attorney to ensure all protections are respected in the process.

Anyone in the Bell Gardens, California area who is facing criminal charges of any type should contact¬†Farar & Lewis LLP¬†for a case evaluation and the possibility for a charge dismissal or reduction. A criminal charge or conviction can impact the remainder of the defendant’s life, and the expense of hiring an experienced and respected criminal defense attorney is well worth the investment in your reputation.

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