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Baldwin Park Criminal Lawyers

Being accused of or arrested for a crime in Baldwin Park can be a confusing and stressful time. The one thing that you need when this occurs is a lawyer with experience handling criminal cases. Baldwin Park criminal lawyers can become your most powerful advocate and ally during a trial. This is especially true for firms like Farar and Lewis that have been working in the area for years. It is important to understand how a criminal defense attorney can help you.

Why You Need Criminal Defense Attorneys in Baldwin Park

If you are accused of a crime in Baldwin Park, then the worst mistake that you can make is to represent yourself or to wait for a random public defender. The reality is that the quality of your legal representation during a criminal case will directly affect the outcome. You need experienced Baldwin Park criminal lawyers in order to mount an effective defense. The criminal justice system is very complex and is built on decades of complicated case law. Only an attorney that has been working in the system for years will be able to determine how the law can help your case. The first thing you should do when arrested for a crime is to call a firm like Farar and Lewis for help.

A Lawyer Will Negotiate On Your Behalf

The criminal defense lawyers at Farar and Lewis will attempt to negotiate on your behalf long before the first trial date arrives. Many people do not know that a large percentage of criminal cases never go to trial. This is because it is beneficial for courts and prosecutors to avoid a trial. Prosecutors are often very willing to negotiate. The criminal defense lawyers at Farar and Lewis know how to approach these negotiations. They know what elements are necessary to make a compelling case to the prosecutor in order to reach some type of resolution. This resolution could include no jail time, minimal punitive actions or even a reduction in charges. The lawyers might even be able to have the charges dropped completely.

The Attorneys Have Litigated Criminal Cases

Negotiations do not always work. This means that your case could go to a full criminal trial. Not every lawyer has experience in the courtroom even though that individual studies criminal law. Fortunately, the lawyers at Farar and Lewis have real experience litigating criminal cases in the courtroom. You can be confident that your attorney will be prepared for everything that is about to occur during the trial. Your lawyer will know exactly how to present your defense or an alternate theory of the crime in order to try to persuade a jury or judge of your innocence. The lawyer will not be intimidated by the tactics of the prosecution that could derail attorneys without trial experience. This experience litigating criminal cases can be invaluable.

The Lawyers Can Handle a Wide Range of Cases

Some law firms handle just a very narrow selection of criminal cases. These firms might handle only drug possession or driving under the influence cases. The lawyers at Farar and Lewis can handle a much wider range of cases. They can help to defend you against most criminal charges. The attorneys have experience with everything from violent crimes to financial fraud. This will make your defense more effective. This experience also helps if you have been charged with multiple types of criminal offenses across many different areas. Farar and Lewis can help to defend you regardless of the nature of the criminal charges.

The Firm Is Made Up Of Experienced Lawyers

The attorneys at Farar and Lewis all have the type of experience you want when looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Baldwin Park. The lawyers at the firm have over 70 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system. One of the lawyers was even a district attorney in the past. The lawyers have been working in the area for a long time. This means the attorneys know the local laws. They also know the people in the criminal justice system from prosecutors to judges. This experience can provide you with a distinct advantage over representing yourself or using a random public defender. Farar and Lewis can fight to prove your innocence or to have your charges reduced in Baldwin Park.

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