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Arcadia Criminal Lawyers

The toughest city in America has an equally tough criminal and civil system, and the cut throat competition for victory means that it only pays to work with the best. The cheapest legal solution for surviving the courts of Los Angeles is experience and acute recognition. Farar and Lewis is a team that spans multiple generations and offers a complete umbrella of representation.

Farar and Lewis specialize as criminal defense lawyers, and Stephan David Sitkoff has the recognition of having once been the deputy district attorney of Los Angeles. All three lawyers are highly rated, and Stephan has a long presence in law that is respected by virtually all judges in the county. It cannot be overemphasized the psychological impact of being defended by by someone who has won many cases and who is highly visible in Arcadia and the entire legal system of California. No one tries to push the best over, because they know they are pushing a monolith.

Justin Benjamin Farar is the middle team member and also has wide experience as a prosecution lawyer. He handles litigation against security fraud and also knows the industry well enough to successfully defend clients from similar prosecution. He is highly rated for experience as a prosecutor, and is respected by the Los Angeles justice system for professional conduct. Justin has handled countless appeal cases when clients feel there is more evidence or when the results were inconclusive.

Joel Farar is the junior member of this exceptional team and so far has 7 years of experience. This places him far above novice trial lawyers, and he has been learning from his father for many years. The bottom line is Joel is energetic and hardworking and has the vast experience of other team members to consult. He is friendly and professional, and amiability goes a long way in a business that has grim consequences for all parties involved.

Criminal law is offenses against society, and those found guilty are liable for more than monetary payments to victims or their surviving families. Convicted criminals face jail time and a ruined life. Indictment simply means a formal accusation by criminal lawyers after the police has gathered sufficient evidence. This alone is enough to destroy reputations and cause permanent professional damage.

Criminal proceedings can be draining personally and financially. It is not possible to reach a settlement, because the penalty for crime is jail time. A representing law firm owes it to their client to persuade the jury quickly and respect the financial limits of distraught clients. Threatened persons want to prove their innocence rather than merely be acquitted on a technicality. This is because the potential punishment extends far beyond the scope of the law.

Farar and Lewis is a long established firm and has been rated by organizations such as Avvo, the American Bar Association, and the American Association for Justice. Firm members are ranked among the Top Rated Lawyers of the Los Angeles Area, and have been widely recognized for their role in protecting local consumers from the depredations of unscrupulous business.

They have settled high profile cases, some of which were documented by major news outlets. Some covering news networks include Forbes CBS and MSNBC. They are frequently mentioned in legal journals and enjoy a high profile and instant recognition in any legal circle. The bottom line is top protection and exacting prosecution with a flexible price range. It might be that lawyers never come cheap, but fine protection is the difference between protecting a life and permanent status as a felon

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