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Alhambra Criminal Lawyers

Are you staring at a jail term or serious penalties due to a criminal charge in Alhambra? Well, there are two options you can consider when it comes to defending yourself: representing yourself in court or getting a qualified defense lawyer to do it for you. Representing yourself is like putting a hangman’s noose around your neck – it can be tightened any time.

The legal system has been structured in such a way that you cannot represent yourself successfully. This is because of the rules, regulations and the existing tradition. With all said and done, hiring an expert attorney to represent you is the best decision you can take.

So, how do we help with the case once you hire us?

We Prepare your Case – the Right Way

Each case is unique, and requires a specific approach. We have been in the field for 70 years handling various criminal cases successfully. One aspect of our success is the approach we use when preparing your case.

When an incident happens, the other party gets scared because they think their safety is at stake. This makes it hard for you to collect evidence from them. This is where we come in – we help collect evidence and record statements from witnesses. For your information, many witnesses prefer to give statements to lawyers, and will offer more information than if you use private investigators.

We collect the evidence with one aim: to get information that will make the prosecutors witness less credible, therefore helping your case.

We Try to Make the Case Less Serious

A criminal case in Alhambra can land you in jail for many years. The implications of this are endless, including loss of your face in society or loss of your job. This is why we try our level best to see that you get a lesser sentence.

One way that we do this is to go for plea bargaining. We work with you and the prosecutor to find a way to reduce the charges. However, this will require some commitments on your part, which we explain to you. Well, if you are representing yourself, the prosecutor cannot negotiate with you alone; it requires the presence of an attorney.

Additionally, we can find a way to request the magistrate to prevent the criminal incident from happening again. What is the use of being convicted for a felony; let’s say drunk driving, and repeating the same mistake when you are released? Well, we can find a way to take you to rehabilitation for part of the sentence to minimize chances of the problem happening again.

We Help You Understand Your Progress and Consequences of Certain decisions

We retain our objectivity the whole duration of the case. We therefore give you a reality check occasionally. We give you insights into the trial and the likely outcome according to the way the case is proceeding, so that you get prepared for any eventualities.

Do you know the consequences of pleading guilty to a criminal charge? Well, according to your case, we shall have an idea of what happens with a guilty plea. However, the results of pleading guilty are not always the best. Yes, you can get a reprieve or a shorter sentence, but once the trial is over you might face some problems. For instance, the society will regard you as a criminal, and you might have to handle the stigma that comes with it. Additionally, you might lose your job, or find it hard getting one.

We base our advice and opinions on facts and experience. This means that you can depend on our advice to make decisions.

We help you Navigate the Legal System in Alhambra

There are various levels of rules that the court uses to decide your case. These can be state or local rules. You need us to help you understand the written rules, and the ones that haven’t been written, yet they are essential.

Why Work With Us?

We have a combined experience of 70 years, which makes us stand above other firms. Additionally, we have a former District Attorney on the team, which means we know our way around the legal system perfectly.

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