7 Simple Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On October 6, 2019

Being accused of criminal activity is nothing to take lightly. The moment that you believe some sort of formal charge is in the works, it’s time to hire a Philadelphia criminal lawyer. Doing so will help the situation in a number of ways. Consider these seven reasons for retaining counsel now rather than waiting until later.

criminal lawyers Understand Laws Precedents and Nuances

This type of charge is not something you’ve faced in the past. Your knowledge about criminal laws, the legal precedents that has resulted from similar cases, and the nuances of how those laws and precedents impact your case is beyond your experience. You need someone who has all that knowledge at his or her fingertips.

That someone is your criminal lawyer. Even during the initial consultation, the lawyer is beginning to think of past court decisions that could apply to your case. During this difficult time, you need legal counsel who knows what needs to be done without hesitation.

A Lawyer Looks At The Evidence Objectively

While committed to protecting your rights, the lawyer is in a position to look at all the available evidence objectively. That’s a good thing, since it means the lawyer may notice some minor detail that needs more attention. Your legal counsel can remain calm and focused even as you find it difficult to keep your emotions in check.

Your Legal Counsel Handles the Paperwork

Most people have no idea how much paperwork is involved with fighting a criminal charge. There are a number of documents to file with the court, and they must be filed in a certain order. Your lawyer is aware of what needs to be filed and when the filings must take place. That takes a tremendous burden off your shoulders.m

Being Present When You’re Questioned By The Authorities

You have the right to legal counsel during any interviews with the police, a district attorney, or any other authorities. Your lawyer is there to not only provide support as you answer questions. You can expect your legal counsel to intervene is questions are posed in a way that tend to be leading rather than seeking information in a straightforward manner. If your attorney advises you to not answer a certain questions or asks for a moment to confer with you in private before answering, you can bet there’s a reason.

Your Lawyer Explains All Options And Potential Results

Your lawyer will go over all possible courses of action, including what could happen if you opt for anything from trying for a plea deal to maintaining your innocence. The goal is to help you understand the probable aftermath of each choice. This is important, since you need to understand the legal ramifications of each option and determine which one is ultimately in your best interests.

Your Lawyer Builds the Case

Once you settle on how you want to pursue the case, your legal counsel begins preparing all the essentials. That includes the process of gathering witnesses, preparing to refute points that the opposing counsel is likely to introduce, and in general ensuring that all the facts are presented. Remember that you will be working closely with the lawyer. You will know in advance what your lawyer intends to do.

Your Legal Counsel Seeks the Best Possible Outcome

However you choose to pursue the case, your lawyer will seek the best possible outcome. Along the way, your legal counsel will work to protect your rights at all times. Every legal option that is open to your lawyer may be used in order to ensure that protection.

If you think that some sort of criminal charge is pending, don’t wait until the arrest. Engage the services of a criminal lawyer right now. Timely preparation on your part could make a difference in how this situation is resolved.