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We provide aggressive criminal defense services in Los Angeles for all major crimes. Regardless of whether you’re accused of DUI, a petty misdemeanor, or a complex federal case – we can help. We are here to protect and defend you. Regardless of what you’ve been accused of doing. Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can provide legal representation for all types of crimes, regardless of what stage the case is at.

When you work with one of our Los Angeles criminal attorneys – our main goal is to get you the best outcome. We focus on getting all charges either dismissed, or reduced. In the event we can’t – we try to find the best outcome. Once you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a professional criminal defense lawyer to help you.

If you, or a loved one, is under criminal investigation, or is being charged with a crime, then you need an experienced  Los Angeles criminal attorney to help protect your freedom. The Spodek Law Group has over 40 years combined experience helping clients with legal problems. Todd Spodek, has experience handling crimes ranging from petty misdemeanors, to full federal investigations. As your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Todd will put his expertise to work for you.

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Los Angeles is a big city, and there’s plenty of major law firm. The Spodek Law Group has distinguished itself, because of the personal care and service we provide for each and every client. At the Spodek Law Group, you’re more than just a “case file,” you are a person – a member of our family, and someone who deserves quality collaboration and results. By hiring our firm, you’re getting personal attention from an attorney with  track record of handling your legal situation. The Spodek Law Group is a Los Angeles criminal law firm with one goal: helping those who are wrongfully accused. We help get charges against you get dismissed, or significantly reduced in severity. We are flexible, and charge lower than other firms. Bottom line, we work with you – and your family – to help you get results. We offer flexible payment plans so you don’t have to worry about fees and the burden of hiring an attorney. As a premier Los Angeles criminal defense law firm, we empathize with what you’re going through, we have over 30 years of combined experience helping those accused of crime.

Los Angeles criminal lawyer Todd Spodek, a founding partner of the firm, has been called a “high powered lawyer,” by major magazines. He’s frequently interviewed by media outlets, and is a second generation attorney who respected by prosecutors and judges alike. One of the major differences between us, and other major Los Angeles criminal lawyers is the fact we are highly selective on who we work with. If we can’t help you – we won’t take you as a client and accept your money

The Spodek Law Group understands that hiring an attorney can be difficult. We make this process easier by offering a risk free consultation. When you speak to us, we work with you during our free initial consultation to assess your case, and understand what exposure you have to the charges. If we think that the case can be dismissed, we’ll tell you that in the initial consultation. If we think you exposure – we’ll tell you that, and tell you what we think you should do. Most Los Angeles criminal defense cases can take anywhere from 2-6 months. Some cases can last years. Regardless of whether you’re facing a misdemeanor, a felony, or federal case, WE CAN HELP. We understand the challenges you face in the legal system. We can help you. If you are charged with a crime, it can be overwhelming mentally for both you and your family. Despite your arrest, and the charges against you – you have rights. Even though the circumstances of your case are uncomfortable, and unpleasant, it doesn’t change the fact you have RIGHTS and we can help defend you.

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Spodek Law Group, is a top rated Los Angeles criminal defense law firm that has over 40 years of combined experience. Based out of Los Angeles, our firm is one of the oldest criminal defense law firms in the city. We have an immense amount of experience handling tough, complicated, and complex cases. We have an inside track of the legal justice system – and we know when, and how, to be aggressive. By working with us, you have an advantage that few other firms can offer.

How can you get the best outcome with your criminal defense case?

Regardless of the severity of your charge, it’s important that you realize time isn’t on your side. You want to make sure that you choose a criminal defense lawyer whose on your side – and whose well-versed in every aspect of the law. You want an attorney who understands the legal system, the penalties, and moreover – someone who will passionately fight for your rights. In order to make sure you get the best results, you want to be upfront and honest with our law firm. We’re working together, and part of that means honesty, and making sure you have the odds in your favor. In order to create a defense strategy that will work and exonerate you – honesty is key.

When you work with an attorney at the Spodek Law Group, you’re working with a Los Angeles criminal lawyer whose on your team and has your best interests at heart. Take advantage of our risk free consultation and get your case reviewed today.

What happens after someone is arrested?

Arrests are made when a police officer has a warrant signed by a judge, or has witnessed the individual commit a crime. Once arrested, the suspect is taken by police officers to jail, and is fingerprinted, photographed, and then eventually arraigned. The suspect is required to answer personal questions and placed in a holding cell. The police are required to give the suspect an opportunity to make a phone call within 3 hours of arrest. The suspect can use this call to contact a lawyer, and alert family + friends. The suspect is given a court hearing within 48 hours of being placed in custody. The suspect can meet with their attorney before the court hearing takes place.

When the suspect is taken to court, the judge will inform the suspect of the crime they are being charged with, and will ask the suspect to enter a plea. The individual can either say not guilty or guilty. You should consult with your attorney before you enter a plea.

A guilty plea is an admission of guilt, and you should never place a guilty plea without speaking to your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. You need to be aware of the consequences of the crime. With a plea of no contest, the suspect is saying they aren’t guilty and are disputing the facts of the charges brought against them. If you plea guilty, then immediately the case is over and the judge can throw the maximum penalties at you. A plea of not guilty will force the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Again, having a Los Angeles criminal attorney on your side can help you understand what to do, and not do.

If you choose to plea not guilty, what happens next is you go to trial. You can either ask for a bench trial or jury trial. If you choose jury trial, then you’re tried before a group of your peers, and the peers will determine your guilt or innocence. IF you choose a bench trial, then it’s tried before the judge only.

What happens next depends on the outcome of the trial. If you are found innocent, you’re allowed to go free. If you are found guilty, then a sentencing hearing will be held.

We provide skilled representation

We provide skilled representation for all types of federal crimes, felonies, and misdemeanors, including DUI, drug offenses, theft offenses, and major federal crimes. Our goal is to help protect anyone whose accused of committing a crime, and who is innocent. The Spodek Law Group put it’s heart, and soul, into every single case we handle.

We leave no stone unturned

Most attorneys use a “cookie cutter” approach to law. They do a few things, keep their head down, and don’t make waves. They value their relationship with the judge and the prosecutor, and don’t do everything possible to win your case. The Spodek Law Group cares about one thing only: their client. We will make waves, we will leave NO STONE unturned, and do everything possible.

What happens in a DUI

If you’re arrested for a DUI in California there are several things that are going to happen. This is going to cost you money. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, and you want to get your privileges back, things will be expensive. You have to consider the cost of court appearances, fines, fees, etc. There’s also the expense of going to DUI school, getting evaluated for drinking issues, getting treatment, higher insurance premium, and an interlock device as well. If you’re arrested and booked on the suspicion of drunk driving, the first thing that’ll happen is you’ll be taken into a police vehicle and taken to the nearest police station. Your mug shot will be taken, and you’ll be fingerprinted. At the time of your arrest, you’ll be given a ticket or summons which tells you the date you have to appear in court to face driving under the influence charges.

Can Police Brutality Cause My Los Angeles Criminal Case To Get Dismissed?

This is a big question. Police can be violent. They hurt people. Any time the police use any type of physical force against somebody they’ve apprehended, they have to be able to justify it!

The police report is one of the first places to begin. The police will put a lot of bad items into the report in order to justify their actions. If they don’t – they get in trouble. If the police report reflects negatively on the police it can be used against the police in ANY future criminal case. Each law enforcement agency has its own internal affairs unit. All someone has to do is complain to that unit and then an investigation begins. If there was any violence involved, then a full blown investigation begins with video footage, witnesses, etc, all being spoken to.

When it comes to criminal defense, the main thing looked at is the justification of using force. The police have to use facts to justify the fact they had to use physical force. If the police did something criminal, though, they can be prosecuted for it. You can sue the police civilly, and get compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Los Angeles you can be wrongfully arrested and still have the arrest show up on a criminal background check – unless you seal the arrest. This is true even if the arrest didn’t lead to a conviction. An arrest on a background search is a huge obstacle, and can lead to employment issues, promotion issues, etc. Employments and landlords rely heavily on background checks to determine whether you’re eligible of the job, etc. These people will assume you’re guilty of a crime. People with criminal records face many obstacles that make it virtually impossible to succeed.

There is a solution. You could be eligible to file a Petition for Factual Innocence. This allows to get the arrest stricken from the record. The Petition for Factual Innocence has to be filed in two years of the arrest, or filing of the criminal complaint. If you are able to have your arrest record sealed/destroyed, it’s something you should 100% do.

Who is eligible?

People can have their arrest record sealed if: they were arrested without criminal charges filed, were charged after their arrest but charges were dismissed, or they were charged and later found not guilty by jury.

The main factor in determining whether you can file a petition for factual innocence is if there was a conviction. If you have a conviction, you aren’t eligible and have to file for an Expungement. Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys can help advise you on what course of action to take.

How to file the petition for factual innocence

In order to seal your arrest records, you have to file the petition with the law enforcement agency who made the arrest. This is best done with the assistance of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who can help with this type of legal issue. If the agency recognizes that the person was wrongfully arrested and is innocent, then the agency will seal the records for three years. After three years, the records are destroyed. If the agency doesn’t respond in 60 days, or denies the petition, then our Los Angeles criminal lawyers will file the petition in Supreme Court.

A hearing will be set in the Superior Court and the judge will hear evidence, and arguments, from both sides. The court will hear the petitioner’s attorney and the prosecutor. The petition has the burden of proving his innocence by demonstrating there was no reasonable cause to believe the petitioner committed the crime. The prosecutor can challenge the claim by introducing evidence.

After both sides have presented their evidence, the judge will make a decision.

When you’re stopped by the police, it’s important you know your rights. When a police officer arrests you, or stops you, they are conducting a criminal investigation and are looking to make an arrest. It’s in your best interest not to cooperate and talk to the police unless you’re the victim of a crime. In fact, you have a fifth amendment right to remain silent. This amendment means that no person can be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself/herself. You have the right to remain silent!

If a police officer approaches you on the street, you can ask the officer “Am I free to go.” If the officer says yes – then you should leave. However, if the officer says YES you should then leave. If the officer says no, then you should consider yourself a suspect and it’s at this point you should exercise your 5th amendment right and remain silent. The officer cannot, and will not, arrest you for not answering their questions. Don’t try talking to the police into not arresting you. If you act suspicious, he has probable cause to do so. If the officer wants to search you, it’s important you tell the officer you do not consent to the search. The officer might decide to search you anyway, but it’s advisable that not agree to the search by expressly saying you don’t consent to the search.

It’s important you are aware of your rights and don’t speak to law enforcement. If you are not aware of your rights, it could hurt you. By not talking to the police, you give your Los Angeles criminal lawyers a great opportunity to prepare an effective defense on your behalf.

If you’re arrested, or under investigation, contact our law firm today.

Why you should not talk to the police

We’re sure you’ve seen cases on the news where a prosecutors case is made – due to the client speaking too much. When you speak to the police, you risk confessing, or by providing just enough information – they can charge you with a crime. Even if you don’t think what you’re saying is important, the best thing possible is to remain silent. Talking to the police cannot help you at all.

You’re at a disadvantage when talking to the police

Police officers are trained to getting admissions and confessions from people. Anything you say to the police can be used against you. Police officers can attempt to mislead you into incriminating yourself. Moreover, officers may misunderstand what you say. You could unintentionally admit to knowing some facts which can be used to prove your involvement and potential guilt. Some people feel the need to lie during an interview, which can put you under suspicion. The police officer could even put words into your mouth, and claim you made incriminating statements.

Some police officers might lie, and claim they have authority to make deals with you or give leniency. The only person who can do that is the prosecutor.

Regardless of whether you plan on pleading guilty or innocent, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect you. Representing yourself in court is NEVER a good idea. The prosecution will see you have no criminal defense experience and will bring the harshest penalties possible in criminal cases. One of our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can work with you to get a lighter sentence, minimize – or completely void criminal charges.